Change Your Water. Change Your Life.

Have you been sick lately? The water you’re drinking might be the culprit! Many people don’t realize it, but the tap or bottled water they’re so used to drinking on a daily basis might be toxic to their health. This is where we come in.

This Machine Is All You Need to Revitalize Your Cells

Healing Alkaline Water is proud to bring you the innovative water machines from Enagic that will change the way you see water. These inexpensive medical-grade machines can be attached to any faucet to eliminate pollutants from your tap water. The process results in the production of Kangen Water, antioxidant-rich alkaline water that helps reduce pain and eliminate degenerative diseases on the cellular level.

Having been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer, our owner struggled with the disease until he discovered the true power of Kangen Water. With a mission to spread the good news, he decided to be a retailer of this innovation. Through our company, he has made these water machines available to customers not only in New York City but in the entire USA as well.

Be Well Informed!

We are in danger and we have a water problem. Discover how you can switch to a healthy lifestyle by checking out Kangen Water’s demo. You can also learn about how all bottled water is really reverse osmosis water and what that means to your health by visiting our main website.

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