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Exercise and Health

We all know that exercise is good for health. Helps burn calories and eliminate acidic wastes through perspiration. Also helps in toning muscles and building a lean, muscular body. Through the year many people get to lose weight and improve health.

So why is that not everyone is doing exercises? We have many excuses as justifiable reasons for not exercising. Properly exercise takes time and hard work. Quick and easy exercises are not very effective particularly for improving health. And many of us do not have the physical capacity to exercise them properly.

One difficulty with exercise is to know when to stop and not too high, as this leads to the formation of lactic acid, which can create problems. Lactic acid is produced by lack of oxygen due to poor breathing or excessive exercise. Lactic acid, caused by excessive exercise can lead to asthma.

As we age we accumulate acidic wastes in the blood known as blood clots. These are the result of excess acid in the body. While performing the exercise, blood pressure can become very high at times. To obtain correct results, when taken, blood pressure is required to be very quiet. When you exercise, you run the risk of circulating debris or blood clots due to high blood pressure and clog blood vessels, which can be very dangerous in critical brain areas. That is why we hear cases of people who have suffered strokes while exercising.

Is essential, therefore, eliminate the waste acid or clots before playing a vigorous exercise program. Alkaline water is the only solution to dissolve and remove these solid acids in the blood. The thinning medicines or blood thinners are not the solution. These medicines cause the blood to become liquid in an acid environment, but they do not make the acid environment becomes alkaline, so the acids that have solidified in the blood do not dissolve.

An additional benefit of exercise is to help heat the body internally, especially the muscles. The heat makes us sweat and eliminate the wastes, heavy metals that accumulate under the skin.

If the exercises are carried over, arms and legs will be sore the next day. Stress and excess nutrients exercises burn rapidly, creating concentration of acidic waste. These wastes are created so quickly that the blood circulation can not mobilize fast enough for disposal, which are formed at areas where they are concentrated. When this happens, the capillaries that surround these areas become clogged, preventing blood from carrying these acids to be removed.

The areas where nutrients are quickly burned during exercise, have a high temperature at the start, but cooled when blood circulation is blocked. This blocked the flow of blood is what causes the pain or malaise. The infrared photos taken from these painful areas show rates of low temperatures. Body temperature is high when the capillaries are blocked, because of the blockade, the temperature drops, resulting in the contraction of the capillaries, making it more difficult to remove the acid wastes.

It is necessary to heat the area where the wastes are concentrated. If pain or discomfort is not severe, you can do some exercises to raise the temperature and thus achieve the capillaries to expand stimulating blood circulation. These exercises should be light, but to generate enough heat to expand the capillaries are blocked and do not produce excess acid wastes.

To warm those areas inside the body, which houses the wastes, you can use the pads FIR (infrared long range). FIR frequency is the same resonance frequency of the water molecule, which warms quickly. This is the reason why the FIR heat pads penetrate the body deeply. Normal pads have to overheat the skin for heat that penetrates deep into the body.

When heated the area with infrared pad, without producing toxic wastes, the capillaries expand. When a body part gets hotter than others, the blood moves to equalize the temperature. This process causes the blood to circulate taking the wastes eliminating pain. These acids have been distributed throughout the body. Massage, acupuncture and vibrators assist in the process of removing the acid to relieve pain. To remove these acids the body should take more alkaline water. Note that you have used drugs to relieve pain.

In the areas where waste is concentrated acids clog the capillaries and blood circulation is reduced which leads to the pain, if you have nerve endings that detect it. Unfortunately, there are many areas of our body in which no nervous system terminals. Many people are left in your body surgical items that are not detected! Most of us live with a high concentration of acidic wastes that are not detected! When you find out why its size is very large and causes pain, is usually too late. That is why people over 40 are advised to regular medical checkups, seeking thereby to discover them early.

To prevent this kind of tragedy, we recommend drinking alkaline water in large quantity. When the body is more alkaline, it becomes difficult to form concentrations of acidic wastes.

The exercises are good but you have to know them. By combining the exercises with the consumption of alkaline water helps to minimize the side effects of the exercises, an example, alkaline water neutralizes the lactic acid produced by the exercises.









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